Upcoming Projects

Below is a list of projects that the Association is current designing for construction. The projects below all currently have funding secured and should be under construction within the next 12 months. Continue to watch our website for updates on each of the projects. Once they are being advertised for bid they will move to our page for Current Projects.


Southeast Collection System - Final Phase

We are excited to begin our final phase of the Southeast Collection System Project.  The project is currently at 95% complete for design and is being reviewed by the funding agency. This phase is expected to begin construction in Winter of 2021. The construction will include the installation of approximately 55,000 Linear Feet (LF) of 4 ‐ inch, 6 ‐ inch. 8 ‐ inch, and 10 ‐ inch vacuum sewer pipe and related infrastructure including vacuum calve pits and buffer tanks. There will be over 500 new sewer connection that will be installed including service piping, wyes, cleanouts, air terminals, and septic tank abandonment.

This project will provide over 600 homes the option to connect to the sewer system and have their septic tank or cesspool removed. The project has received $15,252,100 in funding with $11,026,100 in grant funds and $4,226,000 in a low cost loan. The funding for this project will include covering the cost of the impact fee or decommissioning of septic tank and cesspools for customers in the project area for over 500 homes. Starting March 1, 2021, the Association will begin accepting applications for homeowners who wish to connect to the system. The grant funds that will pay for the impact fee, decommissioning of the septic tank or cesspool, as well as the customers connection to the system will be granted on a first come first serve basis. Once we run out of funding for that part of the project any homes who wish to connect will be required to pay the full connection and impact fee as well as hire a certified plumber to complete the work on their private property.  Below is a brief presentation on the project. Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives for more information on signing up for service. 

Project expected to bid Fall of 2022.

Project Presentation

SE Collection Map

Contractor: Unknown at this time

Engineer: Bohannan Huston, Inc.

Funding Agency: United State Department of Agriculture Rural Development and Rural Utilities Service

Funding Amount: $15,252,100


Picacho Hills Arroyo Project

The first phase of this project will be to create a Preliminary Engineering Report for potential improvements for the protection of the wastewater manholes and wastewater mains in the arroyos. There are a number of wastewater mains that run through various arroyos located in Picacho Hills. Over the past several years there has been some deterioration of some of the wastewater infrastructure in these arroyos. This project will provide options for address the best way to adequately secure the wastewater infrastructure in these areas. The Preliminary Engineering Report will recommend the best option for the Association for protecting the infrastructure if necessary. 

Engineer: Bohannan Huston, Inc.

Funding Agency: New Mexico Capital Outlay Funds (Representative Rudy Martinez)

Funding Amount: $50,000


West Mesa Water System Project

The project is to plan for the upgrade of the existing water system and expand to an unserved area. Currently the system has 2 and 4 inch thin walled water lines with no fire protection. The system is currently being served by the Picacho Hills water system due to the two current wells in the existing system exceed the maximum contaminant levels (MCL) for uranium. The planning phase will look at options for constructing a new water well, new water tank, 6, 8, and 10 water lines to serve the existing customer as well as a large unserved area. The project will provide  for safe and reliable water source, better water pressure, fire protection, and service for homes who currently have no option other than shallow water wells. The upcoming project is only funded for the planning stage. We will be seeking funding for the design and construction of the project as we get close to finalizing the Preliminary Engineering Report. 

Engineer: Bohannan Huston, Inc.

Funding Agency: New Mexico Finance Authority Colonias Infrastructure Board

Funding Amount: $93,533


Dona Ana Village Liftstation and Forcemain

The funding for the project is through the New Mexico Finance Authority Colonias Infrastructure Board. The Dona Ana Village Liftstation and Forcemain project is currently finishing the design phase.  However, funds have been secured for construction portion of the projec.t This project is for the rehabilitation of the existing lift station, force main, and related infrastructure. This wastewater system is the backbone of our wastewater infrastructure. The system was originally built in 1997 by Dona Ana County, then in July 2017 the system was transferred to Dona Ana MDWCA. Wastewater from the Village of Dona Ana collection system reaches the Dona Ana Lift Station via a series of gravity sewer lines. The wastewater collects in an 8-ft diameter by 24-ft deep wet well. When the well fills to certain depths, the lift station activates and pumps the accumulated wastewater through the force main alignment approximately 3.3 miles southeast.

The lift station has extensive levels of corrosion and deterioration as well as problems with overall functionality. The existing polyvinyl chloride “T-Lock” style liner has separated at several seams leaving the concrete wall of the 8-ft diameter wet well exposed to a corrosive environment. Additionally, the concrete ceiling of the wet well does not currently have any protective covering. Electric conduits routed though the wet well show signs of extensive corrosion. The existing electrical junction box located between the wet well and valve pit is weathered and unsafe. Pump number #1, while functional, rests tilted in position at the bottom of the wet well. 

The existing 8-inch ductile iron force main has failed in a number of locations requiring the replacement of several sections of pipe. The profile of the force main is such that there is a high point located at the southern most end of Cristo Rey Street as the line exits the Village. There is an air & vacuum release valve installed at this point. Following the end of a pumping cycle, the section of force main between the lift station and high point should remain full. The remaining 11,600 feet of force main slowly or partially drains into the discharge manhole located at the north side of Los Venados Subdivision. The resulting partially full line has likely been attacked by the formation of sulfuric acid which has been deteriorated the existing ductile iron force main. This project is expected to bid in Winter of 2021

Engineer: Bohannan Huston, Inc.

Funding Agency: New Mexico Finance Authority Colonias Infrastructure Board

Funding Amount: $2,921,557

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