Coronavirus Disease 2019, COVID -19 - Update - March 19, 2020

Water and Wastewater services are essential to our community. As the Coronavirus impacts our regi... [more...]

Coronavirus Disease 2019, COVID -19 - Update - March 18, 2020

Considering the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic Dona Ana MDWCA is taking the necessary precaution... [more...]

Coronavirus Disease 2019, COVID -19 -Update - March 13, 2020

Doña Ana MDWCA understands the concerns regarding the Coronavirus Disease 2019, COVID -19 ... [more...]


Annual & Quarterly Budgets

Dona Ana MDWCA Annual Budget outlines both revenue and expenditures that are expected to be received and paid over the coming fiscal year. The annual budget helps to plan for the upcoming year and makes the necessary adjustments in cash flow to cover expenses.  Dona Ana MDWCA’s Annual Budget is an important tool for accurately projecting future cash flow and successfully managing incoming revenue and existing debt.






Contact Info

Jennifer Horton
Executive Director
PO Box 866, Dona Ana, NM 88032
(575) 526-3491