District 5

Dr. Paul Maxwell is a professional artist working and residing in Las Cruces, New Mexico since 2017. He has been painting most of his life having little formal training beyond a few mail-in courses in his early teens. He earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in those fields from the University of Texas at El Paso and Stanford University and over a fifty year span he successfully applied his energies to those endeavors. In late 2012 Dr. Maxwell decided to re-explore the world of art and began painting from his Southern New Mexico studio in Santa Teresa, NM. 

Dr. Maxwell was the Executive Director and CEO of the Bi-National Sustainability Laboratory (BNSL) from 2005 to 2014 which he helped found in 2004. A non-profit, bi-national enterprise based in Santa Teresa, NM, BNSL’s mission was to focus on emerging technologies to create and implement economic development efforts within the entire U.S.-Mexico border region. They helped more than a dozen new technology based start-ups and was a key sponsor of the region's only technology incubator, the Hub of Human Innovation.