Current Staff

We have an amazing team at Dona Ana MDWCA. These individuals go above and beyond each day to ensure that we follow the Mission and Vision of the Association. Please meet each of our team members below. 


Meet our T.E.A.M!!!

Together Everyone Achieves More


Jennifer Horton, Executive DirectorJennifer Horton, Executive Director Margo Lopez, Administrative SpecialistMargo Lopez, Administrative Specialist Stephanie Nelson, Accounting SpecialistStephanie Nelson, Accounting Specialist Cynthia Shelsea, Lead Customer Service RepresentativeCynthia Shelsea, Lead Customer Service Representative Ines Herrera, Customer Service Representative 1Ines Herrera, Customer Service Representative 1 Julie Martinez, Customer Service Representative 1Julie Martinez, Customer Service Representative 1 Cynthia Ormseth, Customer Service Representative 1Cynthia Ormseth, Customer Service Representative 1 Abenicio Fernandez, Field ManagerAbenicio Fernandez, Field Manager George Castillo, Lead OperatorGeorge Castillo, Lead Operator Joe Martinez, Operations Support SpecialistJoe Martinez, Operations Support Specialist Ernest Armendariz, Level 4 OperatorErnest Armendariz, Level 4 Operator Joey Self, Level 2 OperatorJoey Self, Level 2 Operator Chris Morales, Level 3 OperatorChris Morales, Level 3 Operator Eloy Castillo, Level 2 OperatorEloy Castillo, Level 2 Operator Pete Ortiz, Level 2 OperatorPete Ortiz, Level 2 Operator